Alex B. Symone


Welcome to my virtual home Gorgeous. I am so excited that you have made it a priority to learn all you can about me before making your formal introduction. Let's me share a bit about myself!


Tranquil excentric meets urban sophisticate poured into a full rubensque figure, finished with striking exotic facial features & hypnotic eye's- it is enough to make anyone weak! That would be me in one thick juicy nutshell, but with beauty being in the eye of the beholder, what do you see? Small town raised with honour, integrity, and diligence, scarce qualities that speak to the woman I am today. Cultured, driven and innovative, with a love for poetic writing, contemporary art, modern photography, and a passion for exploring the culinary arts, you'll find my appearance alone does not speak to my full range of depth. Maintaining an open, positive and progressive mindset allows me to appreciate the vast world of intimate luxuries and avant-garde experiences available to be explored with brilliant intellectuals, hopeless romantics and chivalrous gentlemen. 


I am absolutely weak to a chivalrous nostalgic that craves the raw satisfaction that is only found in the lost art of courting someone new, that is the euphoria I desire most in life. Monarchs fluttering in the pit of our stomachs lost in intimate conversation & flirtatious banter while ambient lighting washes over our satin skin. So enamoured by one another, the moment we meet, the rest of the world simply melts away... I want that, with you. With our natural chemistry igniting long before we have met, and our mutual lust for life, love and adventure, why would we settle for anything less than exceptional? Be the man you know a woman of my calibre craves most and sink your teeth into the opportunity the moment it is within reach. Allow yourself to elevate and invest in your our own private luxury with one of The Capitals rarest finds. 


Whether it is you and I lost in conversation on a rooftop terrace or the two of us jet-setting away, one thing is for sure, the memories we make will stay with us both for a lifetime. It all starts with you making a simple private introduction, from there our possibilities are infinite. Let's make a memory xoxo.


I look forward to us savouring our time together.  

Alex B. Symone


My style changes with the seasons. I love bold statement pieces, romantic cascading dresses as well as neutral toned street style inspired by London and Tokyo. Friends know me best for being cocooned inside of sporty activewear or embracing bold colours, cuts and prints. Big bed tossed hair smouldering eyes and the perfect bold red lip to finish 'A Look'. I prefer heels in the bedroom, romantic cascading dresses for summer date nights and being wrapped in crisp white sheet after dessert!
Humour plays a large role in my relationships with others, I love to laugh and crave the moment the ice shatters and I get a genuine laugh from new friends. I value people over product, so you will find our interactions to be sincere and my word true. My drawback? I have the patience of a shark in chummed water. So be quick to the draw, and we will be aces!
Small town raised with strong ethics, integrity and manners. Experiencing new cultures, countries, and cuisines in my youth overtime filtering out the excess and allowed me to evolve into the woman I am today. I am a straight cis-female and also enjoy getting to know Male to Female trans-persons.
Quality will forever dominate quantity in all I know, do, experience or entertain. I see value in people over product and cherish healthy long lasting friendships and relationships over a temporary entourage. 
I am allergic to Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. Please refrain from using either if we will be interacting. Though they are contained allergic reactions I would rather we not risk having to cut our meeting short because of it. HARD LIMITS: Poor Hygiene, Bad Manners and Ignorant Bigotry 


French pressed dark roast to start my day. Bold reds in good company & champagne to celebrate. Whiskey & scotch tastings are at the top of my bucket list too (hint hint). Outside of that a good amount of water, it's the reason I look so young.
I adore Tasting Menus, Tapas and Fine Dining with phenomenal company and enjoy Ethnic Dishes when relaxing with friends. I am a strong believer that exploring the culinary arts is always the best way to start a new friendship and get to know each other.
Street style and modern photography have become my newest obsession.  Fashion design & interior staging always have and always will be a driving passion for me. Recently I have been introduced to urban Videography and am excited about creating new content to share via my favorite platforms.
Stimulating conversation, globetrotting, romance, fine dining, cooking with friends, exploring new cultures, learning new talents, continuing education, contemporary art, weight training, creative design.
Photography, videography, weight training, the arts, web design, creating gorgeous contemporary art, playing the cello, plus size fashion, webs design, almost any outlet that allows me full creative control.
Psychology - Law - Music - Design - Not sports - Fashion 

I am weak to a chivalrous nostalgic that finds genuine satisfaction in courting someone new.