I am excited you are taking the first steps towards our meeting, love that raw masculine confidence grasping an opportunity the moment it is within reach. There is no need to feel anxious about your introduction, simply introduce yourself and provide the pertinent information requested so I know you are sincere in our meeting. Do not hesitate to share a bit about yourself, just like you've enjoyed learning about me here, I would love to know about you and what you feel makes us The Perfect Match. Thank you for being the definition of a true gentleman and allowing me to feel safe, secure and confident about meeting you as well as agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of our meeting.


Please provide the following information after introducing yourself when reserving a date:

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Thank you. This allows us to plan our meeting more efficiently without any complications.

Thank you for taking the time to review my entire website and learn all you can about me before reaching out. I hope you have enjoyed my labor of love, my goal here is to allow you a thorough look at 'the woman beyond appearance' so that you too feel safe, secure and confident when making the choice to invest. Knowing that you feel confident in us meeting fills me with so much gratitude. Your continued support and appreciation is a constant inspiration to me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I look forward to us savouring our time together.


                             Alex B. Symone



I am so excited that you have taken the time to review my site before making your introduction. If you have any questions take the time to review the FAQ page I am more than confident you will find the answers there. Thank you in advance for the well-thought-out introduction including the:

  • Date

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that you would like to reserve. Feel free to break the ice by sharing a bit about yourself when making contact. Excited to hear from you. xoxo



email: AlexB.Symone@protonmail.ch

phone: (647) 490-3329 texts preferred

whatapp: (587) 332-2651

Please review the 'Fine Prints​' page prior to making a reservation. Thank you.  


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